Climate and Clothing

Metni Büyüt Metni Küçült
The average temperature in coastel areas are between 14-18 ºC in Izmir. The hottest months are July (27.3 ºC ) and August (27.6 ºC ), the coldest months are January (8.6 ºC) and February (9.6 ºC). In the coastal region, the temperature can be 1-2 ºC lower with the effect of the sea breeze. The average temperature (7 ºC ) in the winter could decline with the effect of the maritime air mass coming from North and Northwest. There are serious differences in the distribution of precipitation by month and season. The average rainfall is 700mm; more than 50% of the rainfalls are in winter season, 40-45% of the rainfalls are in the spring and autumn and 2-4% of the rainfalls are in the summer season. The days with the snowfalls are almost non existing in humilis areas. The number of snowy days and the duration of snowcover increase in the upland areas. Light clothing (such as t-shirt, blouse) with a light cardigan or jacket on it, is recommended since air conditioners run at all hotels and restaurants.