Congress Information

Metni Büyüt Metni Küçült


09:00-10:00    REGISTRATION & COFFEE
10:00-10:30    OPENING CEREMONY
10:30-11:00    CONFERENCE “The Integration of Social Cooperatives and People with Disabilities to Society”
                       Dr. Ali Ercan ÖZGÜR- Co-Founder of "İhtiyaç Haritası Association"
11:00-11:30    COFFEE BREAK
11:30-12:00    CONFERENCE "Business World and Employment of People with Disabilities"
                       Manisa Industrial Park Sheltered Workshop for People with Mental Disability
                       Funda KARABORAN- Manager of Manisa Industrial Park
12:00-12:30    CONFERENCE "Technology and Employment"
                       Umut GÖK - Director of Cisco Networking Akademy Turkey
                       Mehmet Burak UYSAL - Educator at Cisco Networking Academy Turkey
12:30-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-14:00    CONFERENCE "Textile Industry and Employment"
                       Gökhan TALAY-Designer
14:00-14:30    WORKSHOP
                       Gökhan TALAY-Designer
14:30-15:00    COFFEE BREAK
14:30-15:00    POSTER PRESENTATIONS                     
15:00-15:30    PANEL “Projects about Accessibility”
                       Vestel Group
15:30-17:00    WORKSHOPS
                         National Short Movies Contest
                         National Caricature Contest
                         Chamber of Civil Engineers Project Contest                        
                         CONCERT FARKLIBand Orchestra



09:00-10:00    REGISTRATION & COFFEE
10:00-10:45    PANEL "Vocational Training and Employment of People with Autism"
                       Dr. Alev GİRLİ-Dokuz Eylul University
10:45-12:45    PANEL "Policies for Employment of People with Disabilities"
                       Turhan İÇLİ - Confederation of People with Disabilities
                       Nesim TANĞLAY- İzmir Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Policy
                       Makbule DANK- İzmir Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency
12:45-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-14:00    CONFERENCE "The Education and Employment of Gifted and Dyslectic People"
                       Dr. Bahar ERİŞ-Bahçeşehir University                   
14:00-14:30    CONFERENCE "The Education and Employment of People with Visual Impairment"  
                       Cafer BARKUS-Perkins School for the Blind/USA          
14:30-15:00    PANEL "Information Technologies and Employment"
                       Prof. Dr. Vahap TECİM-Dokuz Eylul University
                       Dr. Mustafa Özhan KALAÇ-Manisa Celal Bayar University
                       Emrah DİNÇER – General Manager of Smartek Software Technologies
15:00-16:00    PRESENTATION "Outcomes of Former Accessible Izmir Congresses 2013 and 2016"
                       Nurgül ATABAY- “Red Flag Project” Izmir Chamber of Civil Engineers
                       Gülşah BATMAZ- “Disability Awareness Center” Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
                       Chairperson: Duygu KAYAMAN
                       “Employment of People with Disabilities and Gender Mainstreaming”
                        Prof. Dr. Esin ÇEBER TURFAN / Dr. Mahide DEMİRELÖZ AKYÜZ- Ege University
                       “Policies of United Nations for Employment of People with Disabilities"
                        Songül ATAK-Dicle University
                       “The Employer’s Perspective on Employment of People with Disabilities"
                        Beyza İMALI-Turkish Labor and Employment Agency İstanbul



09:00-10:00    REGISTRATION & COFFEE
10:00-10:30    CONFERENCE "Employment of People with Disabilities"
                       Prof. Dr. Kasım KARATAŞ Hacettepe University
10:30-11:00    CONFERENCE "Presentation of Project About Employment of People with Disabilities"
                       Prof. Dr. HÜLYA KAYIHAN Hacettepe University
11:00-11:30    PANEL "Policies for Employment of  People with Disabilities"
                       Prof. Dr. Ozan BAHAR-Dean of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Uni. Faculty of Tourism
                       Ms. Mieke BROEDERS-ENAT- European Network for Accessible Tourism
                      “Project For Entrepreneur Disabled People To Set Up Their Own Businessi-Successful Workshop Example”
                       Fatih ÇEPNİLER/ Çiğdem ÇAKIR BEYHAN / Ayşegül ŞİRİN UYGUN / Dr. Mahide DEMİRELÖZ AKYÜZ-  Labor and Employment Agency Samsun
                       “An Evaluation of Disabled People’s Employment In The Context ofGender In Turkey”
                       Prof. Dr. Esra BURCU/Research Assist. Selen KOÇAK-Hacettepe University
                      “Services Oriented for Disabled Students in Higher Education Institutions: An Assesment  over Academic Counseling for Disabled Students”
                       Research Assist. Adil ÇAMUR- Dokuz Eylül University
12:30-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-14:15    PRESENTATIONS OF MODELS: “Entrepreneurship Business Model Projects Developed by University Students”
14:15-15:00    PRESENTATIONS OF MODELS: “Organizational Structure Model for Emergency Management on District Base”
16:00              CLOSING